ATTENTION: People report that they lose their progress when playing the game here. This is due to an issue with the way handles the state in the game. If you want to avoid this, play the game from here:

In Planet Life you are born again as a planet. Being a planet in space can be very lonely, but fortunately there is life out there.

Search the corners of the universe, for new friends, who will help you on your quest to become a happy little place to live. Manage your resources, and upgrade tools to advance.
Fight your way down a deep deep dungeon leading to the core of yourself and gain the respect of a mysterious space god who might just help you explore the vast universe.

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Tags2D, idle, incremental, Pixel Art, quirky, Singleplayer, Space, Story Rich

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what's derek's max stats?

edit: Max stats that i have gotten:

  1. stats:
    1. Health: 19950
    2. Strength: 15960
    3. Potion bag: 399
      1.  Potion heal: 1030
  2. Skills:
    1. Door of regret: 98
    2. Thirsty: 98
    3. Bull fart: 98
    4. Full heal: 98

You should go ask on the Discord :) I remember some people talking about it there


I have a theory as to what is happening with the lost save data:

So I did some testing and it seems like save data is correctly saved and accessed while the browser is open, but as soon as the browser is closed (or no longer running in background like when powered off or restarted) the save data is no longer accessed correctly and prompts you to start a new game. I found out that after closing the browser, the cookies are still there but opening the game again prompts you to start a new game. Maybe the first time the game is run on the browser it is trying to tell you to start a new game? I don't know much about programming on but this is my only explanation I can think of. Like the cookies are still there it just isn't accessing the saved game.

well i faced that problem and i had lots of progress.

We found out what the issue was. It's the way itch is handling the file.. It changes the path sometimes, which makes the state disappear for you. I posted a link in the description of our own hosted version of the game. Your state should be safe when you play there :)

Can I export my save there?

unfortunately not :/

will you let us know when the update is  almost finished?

Of course! I will write a post :) Also stay tuned on the Discord

omg afking is so op

this game is so fun


how large can svens wood cuting get

It's a lot. A bit more than a hundred

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To beat the coco dungeons, should I raise Derek's health or strength? I also have more gold than I can use so I don't really know what to do with that either, also the game's awesome. Pretty addicting stuff.

I would say it's wise to raise both. Your strength is actually more like his defense in some sense, because it determines how much jerks damage him. And health is always great to have more of :)



I beat the game. everything was  done. i beat all of the endless dungeons. i did it all. i finished all of the upgrades. i tried to sign in and my entire game reset. im so fucking sad about this shit. at least i know how to work the stock market already

That really sucks!
I tried clearing my browsing data, and that reset the game for me as well. I don't know if you did something similar to make it reset?

it keeps resetting me i get far and it has been the 4th time i have started from the beginning.

If you mean buying ghosts from Space Ben, I imagine he does run out, most you get from the ghost exchange, just wait around until the price is low and then buy a tonne. 

Your supposed to sell when it's high, but usually Derek's Jerk busting got me more than enough Stardust.

Just stuck my head in to see if my savegame is still okay since I needed to mess with the cookies recently, and thankfully it is. 

Still looking forward to chapter three and seeing what happens to poor burger.

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so I'm mostly done with the broccoli, but now I can't buy any ghosts. it's not too expensive, it's just not there. Is this supposed to happen? can ghosts run out of stock?

edit: it has now been over 7 hours and it hasn't refilled or anything. I'm starting to think this is a glitch.


Sounds weird. Can you send a screenshot?


Oh.. You should get your ghosts from the ghost trade. Have you found it yet?

I think i did, it's the stupid number isn't it?

Well if it is, then i might have a problem, as i only have one ghost and no way to get more

ok nvm it was the other one

i got 10000 strength

One puuuuuuuuunch

I'm starting to think I'll need 10000 strength too, Derekulus x's tough

i was playing for a week and then i logged back one today and all my progress was lost can you tell me how to fix it

i don't know why but in burgulon 5 i can pay 30 coco for 20 gold even though it says i need to pay 40.

if i did the derekulus x does my name go to the Hall of derek?

If you can prove it :)

Deleted 35 days ago
Deleted 34 days ago

i send the message and a picture about the derekulus x to  christianlaumark, can it be updated or is there still a problem?

That's perfect. I'll let you know when it's up. I just need time to update it :) Trying to do some Christmas

ive ended up with 16 star dust with no way to get more

Buy the slot machine :)

i dont understand how to galatic ghost exchange works :/ its so expensive

The prices fluctuate. Wait till the ghosts are cheap, and then buy heaps, that you can sell when the prices go back up again

Can you allow us to do dungeons again once we beat them so we can grind them because i have beat them all, also for dungeons we are re-doing can you add an auto-dungeon option but not for endless dungeons?

also it says i have to spend 50 ghosts again to go back to playing as burgulon 5

Yeah I might put that into the next update. Although I doubt you'll run out of things to do there ;)

in the next update i would really love to be able to upgrade more than one time at a time or to just hide the animations as an options to spam the button because i let it run for like an hour and then it takes me 15 minutes just to upgrade

I was really far into the game, like already finished the story far, but when I got into the game again the next day, it had reset. Now I'm crying in my dark cold room 

I was already in the monster dungeon ;-;

My poor Derek

I'm really sorry to hear that :/
It's saving your state, so it shouldn't be a problem. Are you running any plugins with your browser?

Just honey

What does that do?

It gives me coupons and stuff, nothing that should affect an online game like this one

Finally finished last dungeon. :)

Well done!! :)

Thanks. It would be nice if in the next update there were some other casino style mini-games. To make the game less repetitive, maybe something simple like black jack. Or something like match 3 game. It doest have to be complicated just give us some little stuff to have extra fun with the game. :D


Funny you should say that ;) I'm sure you're going to love the next update!
And I agree. The dungeoning gets a bit repetitive

to clarify, on pc

Yo is it possible to download the game?

Yeah, you can download it from here, right?

If I go back to playing as planet can I go back to playing as burgulon with all my progress without buying access again?


i can't wait for the next chapter! I was wondering if the next chapter would be coming soon?

Glad to hear! I'm working on it, but it will probably still be few months before it's out

how many upgrades can you do on dereks gym? because they seem endless    and how many on his classroom

I think most of them are around 99

I can not scroll down on the game on mobile 

Are you playing the app or the itch version?

I'd like to play this more than I already have, but it doesn't save. Unless I'm missing something?

The game should be storing your progress automatically. Do you have to start over when you open it again?


What browser are you playing in?


Do you have any plugins going?

what do the usb sticks do? im wondering because there quite spendy

I won't spoil anything, except that they are worth the price :) You won't be able to complete the game without them

thank u

does anyone know how to get burger back to normal? (right he's this broccoli man)

It's the question we're all asking ourselves. But I think there is no way back to normal for Burger.. You have to wait and see what the future brings for him

(1 edit) (+1)

Well I finally finished the endless dungeon, though yee gods it took some grinding, and even with 6800 strength and 3600 health it was tough. actually by the time I got to the nineties and was facing over 3k Jerks at a time I finished up just farting my way through :D. 

Sadly other than the hall of fame there didn't seem to be a reward, which was mildly disappointing since it did take a lot of resource gathering to get all those upgrades, although as the game gets expanded there will likely be more to do of course.

Two things I do wish, is that there was some sort of indication of the relative strengths of the Jerk's you face, since I lost out in dungeons fairly often when, even though I had more health than there were jerks, the jerks were obviously doing more damage. Even if you didn't want to include the jerk's strength, a single one word indicator of relative strength as to whether the jerkes were either stronger or weaker than Derekk, so how much health might be needed could've been helpful. 

I also would've liked a way to trade stardust in higher amounts with the stupid planet, since having to constantly hammer buttons to pay ten stardust a go when I've got over 7000 got very time consuming. Actually, it'd be nice to have some stardust options for Derek, since the other resources are all used to buy his upgrades, or maybe something minigame wise to play (I loved the little games with the brockley empire like the stock exchange). 

As to browsers and screne readers, you've actually already implemented many of the things  are good for screen reader use, EG headings and buttons for web controls, without any annoying bits such as mouseovers.

I am guessing  one problem on Ios would be that notifications in the game which disappear and reappear, such as the slots results wouldn't be automatically read by voiceover. 

In the browser these aren't a problem since none of the text disappears too quickly, and it's easy enough to just press up arrow to read the line above a button to get the slots results. 

This is one reason why I tend to prefer navigating web pages on pc, since its far easier when you've got handy shortcut keys to jump to next button, next heading, next edit area etc, than on Ios where you'd need to swipe, or to change the rotor control.

You might consider looking at having notification texts automatically output to voiceover, or putting them in popup on screen boxes.


I'll be looking forward to chapter 3 and new editions to the game, it's been a really fun ride, even if those endless dungeons were a bit of a slog :D.



I'm not sure what you mean by the questions not in the right order. Each question has an answer, which is one of the answers you have to buy from Ben. The order of the answers doesn't reflect the order of the questions, you just need to buy them and use them as needed, I'd recommend hearing the question, then looking for your guess from Ben, buying that answer with ghosts, then trying it out. 


As to the music, no idea I'm afraid, though you can turn it off and on in settings.


Is there a way to turn the music down? Also, my friend is trying to play the game through the app and he is getting stuck on the quiz. The questions don't seem to be in the right order, and also, can't get past question 3 or something.

Oh and as to reading text in browsers:

That is a free screen reading program for windows. Others use commercial screen readers such as Jaws for windows or Supernova, but these days NVdA is pretty good for most anything, and better than several commercial programs. 

NVdA works fine with most notable browsers such as Chrome, firefox and Microsoft Edge (am using it with Chrome myself). 


(1 edit)

And the coco dungeon is finished! With i believe 1680 strength and 1600 health, with 35 potions doing 320 a pop, and 17 bull farts. 

In fairness I was probably a bit over powered since I made a mistake and misplaced a number so lost at around floor 84 when I shoulddn't have done, but then decided to buy the upgrades anyway.

just the endless monster dungeon to go. 

I do wish there were some rewards for finishing the endless dungeons, EG some gold production increases, or some extras for Derik.

I'll be looking forward to chapter three, I liked the little prologue, the resource interaction there looked interesting, and I like the way the universe is expanding with new characters etc, along with the minigames and so on.

Out of interest, is the Ios version exactly the same as the version here, or does it have some differences?b

I might make some kind of reward after the endless dungeons, in the next update :)

Also the iOS version is completely identical. But there are some issues with the voice over option on the iOS though. 

How does the game work for you in the browser?
You are not having any issues with the slot machine for example?


There's already been some discussion on the forum, see broccoli-browser-based-incrimental-rpg/ We could definitely add this one to the accessible games database as well. 

Btw, Just defeated the first endless dungeon, hurrah! though at the moment I'm waiting to get enough ghosts to tackle Wify's quiz.

I was mildly disappointed there wasn't more of a reward for defeating the endless dungeon, I was hoping to raise my gold production, but still I've not finished all the coco dungeons yet, much less the monster dungeons after that so there's definitely further to go.

Thanks for posting it there! It would be awesome to have it in the database.
Just out of curiosity. How do you get the text read aloud when playing the game in the browser?

Yeah, Endless Dungeons are a desert walk. But at the end of them is the greatest reward in the game.

I'm absolutely amazed I've not run across this game earlier. Over on we're quite the fans of incremental adventures like a dark room, and its great to find one with such a light hearted atmosphere and obviously a lot of attention paid to accessibility. 

Sadly C cleaner ate my save file (The cookie I thought saved the game wasn't the cookie it was), but never mind, getting back there will be fun!

thanks again for all the great work, I'll be looking forward to seeing more crazy challenges in this universe.

Thanks! I'm really happy that it's accessible. And sorry to about your save file. Let me know if you need any cheats to get a little further in the games progression :)

Could you have any use for Planet Life on, or is it audio only games there?

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