In Planet Life you are born again as a planet. Being a planet in space can be very lonely, but fortunately there is life out there.

Search the corners of the universe, for new friends, who will help you on your quest to become a happy little place to live. Manage your resources, and upgrade tools to advance.
Fight your way down a deep deep dungeon leading to the core of yourself and gain the respect of a mysterious space god who might just help you explore the vast universe.

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Well I finally finished the endless dungeon, though yee gods it took some grinding, and even with 6800 strength and 3600 health it was tough. actually by the time I got to the nineties and was facing over 3k Jerks at a time I finished up just farting my way through :D. 

Sadly other than the hall of fame there didn't seem to be a reward, which was mildly disappointing since it did take a lot of resource gathering to get all those upgrades, although as the game gets expanded there will likely be more to do of course.

Two things I do wish, is that there was some sort of indication of the relative strengths of the Jerk's you face, since I lost out in dungeons fairly often when, even though I had more health than there were jerks, the jerks were obviously doing more damage. Even if you didn't want to include the jerk's strength, a single one word indicator of relative strength as to whether the jerkes were either stronger or weaker than Derekk, so how much health might be needed could've been helpful. 

I also would've liked a way to trade stardust in higher amounts with the stupid planet, since having to constantly hammer buttons to pay ten stardust a go when I've got over 7000 got very time consuming. Actually, it'd be nice to have some stardust options for Derek, since the other resources are all used to buy his upgrades, or maybe something minigame wise to play (I loved the little games with the brockley empire like the stock exchange). 

As to browsers and screne readers, you've actually already implemented many of the things  are good for screen reader use, EG headings and buttons for web controls, without any annoying bits such as mouseovers.

I am guessing  one problem on Ios would be that notifications in the game which disappear and reappear, such as the slots results wouldn't be automatically read by voiceover. 

In the browser these aren't a problem since none of the text disappears too quickly, and it's easy enough to just press up arrow to read the line above a button to get the slots results. 

This is one reason why I tend to prefer navigating web pages on pc, since its far easier when you've got handy shortcut keys to jump to next button, next heading, next edit area etc, than on Ios where you'd need to swipe, or to change the rotor control.

You might consider looking at having notification texts automatically output to voiceover, or putting them in popup on screen boxes.


I'll be looking forward to chapter 3 and new editions to the game, it's been a really fun ride, even if those endless dungeons were a bit of a slog :D.



I'm not sure what you mean by the questions not in the right order. Each question has an answer, which is one of the answers you have to buy from Ben. The order of the answers doesn't reflect the order of the questions, you just need to buy them and use them as needed, I'd recommend hearing the question, then looking for your guess from Ben, buying that answer with ghosts, then trying it out. 


As to the music, no idea I'm afraid, though you can turn it off and on in settings.


Is there a way to turn the music down? Also, my friend is trying to play the game through the app and he is getting stuck on the quiz. The questions don't seem to be in the right order, and also, can't get past question 3 or something.

Oh and as to reading text in browsers:

That is a free screen reading program for windows. Others use commercial screen readers such as Jaws for windows or Supernova, but these days NVdA is pretty good for most anything, and better than several commercial programs. 

NVdA works fine with most notable browsers such as Chrome, firefox and Microsoft Edge (am using it with Chrome myself). 


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And the coco dungeon is finished! With i believe 1680 strength and 1600 health, with 35 potions doing 320 a pop, and 17 bull farts. 

In fairness I was probably a bit over powered since I made a mistake and misplaced a number so lost at around floor 84 when I shoulddn't have done, but then decided to buy the upgrades anyway.

just the endless monster dungeon to go. 

I do wish there were some rewards for finishing the endless dungeons, EG some gold production increases, or some extras for Derik.

I'll be looking forward to chapter three, I liked the little prologue, the resource interaction there looked interesting, and I like the way the universe is expanding with new characters etc, along with the minigames and so on.

Out of interest, is the Ios version exactly the same as the version here, or does it have some differences?b

I might make some kind of reward after the endless dungeons, in the next update :)

Also the iOS version is completely identical. But there are some issues with the voice over option on the iOS though. 

How does the game work for you in the browser?
You are not having any issues with the slot machine for example?


There's already been some discussion on the forum, see broccoli-browser-based-incrimental-rpg/ We could definitely add this one to the accessible games database as well. 

Btw, Just defeated the first endless dungeon, hurrah! though at the moment I'm waiting to get enough ghosts to tackle Wify's quiz.

I was mildly disappointed there wasn't more of a reward for defeating the endless dungeon, I was hoping to raise my gold production, but still I've not finished all the coco dungeons yet, much less the monster dungeons after that so there's definitely further to go.

Thanks for posting it there! It would be awesome to have it in the database.
Just out of curiosity. How do you get the text read aloud when playing the game in the browser?

Yeah, Endless Dungeons are a desert walk. But at the end of them is the greatest reward in the game.

I'm absolutely amazed I've not run across this game earlier. Over on we're quite the fans of incremental adventures like a dark room, and its great to find one with such a light hearted atmosphere and obviously a lot of attention paid to accessibility. 

Sadly C cleaner ate my save file (The cookie I thought saved the game wasn't the cookie it was), but never mind, getting back there will be fun!

thanks again for all the great work, I'll be looking forward to seeing more crazy challenges in this universe.

Thanks! I'm really happy that it's accessible. And sorry to about your save file. Let me know if you need any cheats to get a little further in the games progression :)

Could you have any use for Planet Life on, or is it audio only games there?


Does this game auto save or have a save feature???

It should autosave. Are you having issues with it?


I absolutely love this game. I'm also totally blind and I have no trouble at all with playing the game.  Maybe it's something I'm not doing correctly, but when I donated, I confirmed, then the apple store wanted me to confirm again.  It ended up charging me multiple times.  However, if my small donations will help to keep this game updated, I'm not worried about it. It's more than worth it.  The quiz thing is pretty frustrating, but that has nothing to do with errors or problems.  It's just a challenge that I'll have to figure out.  I get that far in to the game and then give her the wrong answers.  LOL It's an awesome game and the suspense is killing me.  Great job!

I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying the game :)
But I'm sorry to hear that you got charged twice! Even though it's nice with the extra contribution, it's not fair.
If you can see that the money has actually been charged twice from your account, you should send a complaint to apple about it.
Anyways, I hope you enjoy the rest of the game! Can't wait to make more for you :)


I am totally blind, and this game is 100% accessible.  Thanks so much for that.  I am hooked 

I'm really happy to hear that! Let me know if anything can be improved :)


When I had sight, I was a Mario player, and it was not uncommon for me to skip sleep altogether to play.  I have not had a game that I've enjoyed like that until now!  Thanks so much.  I play it on my phone and can't stand to use other apps and lose the collection time!  Improvements?  It is almost perfect.  Though, there is no audible descriptions of the points table.  I have figured out the wood, gold, puffs and glitter dust numbers, but there are other numbers that are unlabled that I can't figure out.  The unlabled numbers are also present when upgrading Derek or other upgrades.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go and see if I have enough spending power to upgrade things!  Thanks again for a great accessible game!

It's so cool to hear that you have had such a good experience with the game :)
When I made the game, I had no idea that it was playable for blind people, but it's awesome that it is!
I'm slowly working on the last part of the game now, and I'll definitely keep accessibility for blind people in mind.
I might need some help with it though :)


Sweatson is danish. His first talk text translates to "I simply have it just so hot. Can't you get a cloth for me?" in google translate.

this game is honestly THE most addictive thing ive ever played! wish id found this sooner :0 <3

Deleted post

love the game!


i find myself checking everyday for an update!

That's awesome to hear!
Unfortunately I haven't even started development on the next chapter yet. I have been away on a little vacation.
But I might start work on it later in the summer :)
I'll make sure to put out some updates before the next release


Can I help you with the code/writing?


Maybe :) Send me an email on


the game is fun but the ghost market is kinda annoying, a way to get ghosts in the background would be cool maybe similar to the gold drill in earlygame


It's meant to be a thing you go and check once in a while (it updates the exchange rates automatically in the background).. So you need to find the right time to sell and the right time to buy

hey thanks got used to it now got tons of ghosts of and stardust!

or maybe stardust? idk, i do rly like the way u have to get through the dungeons to earn it and i do feel like if that were the case i would wish it was just in the dungeons lol


I love listening to the music while studying! Neat game. Looking forward to more! :)

When Will the next chapter come out?? its getting expensive going back and fourth between planets!

Haha! :P I just released this chapter, so it will probably be a while before the next chapter comes out

Awesome! please do not give up on this game until its complete! so many good games are left unfinished, this cant be one of them!! :)))

Yeah, it's hard working completing what you've started. But now it's too close to be done, so it would be a shame to stop here :)

How do i get Derek back to normal?

I'm working on a fix for that. Should be done with it tomorrow some time


So I have fix now.. There's a little cheat to make Derek go down 20 skill levels in all skills. You can do that until you hit somewhere around where you were before, or just go all the way back to skill levels 1. It's up to you..
To perform the cheat, go to the classroom.  First open the Bull Fart skill 3 times. Then Door of Regret, Thirsty, Bull Fart, and lastly open Door of Regret again.
Hope this works for you :)

Thank you! c:

@Crede hva siger du til et game fort :) (MadsP1205)

Haha, betyder det Fortnite? ;)
Jeg er med på et spil pubG :P

Ahahah, det kan vi sagtens, selvom det er noget tid siden så er sikkert godt rusten...

@crede mine skills er glitched, så jeg har max uses på alle mine skills, og max antal healing potions. Jeg ved ikke helt hvorfor, det skete da jeg først låste dereks træningscenter op. Mit strength var også på max, men da jeg opgradere det så blev det normalt. Men ihvertfal kn jeg ikke opgradere nogle af dereks skills ved ikke helt hvorfor, så jeg er stuck med max skills.

Ja, det er ret problematisk. Man kan desværre ikke reverte på skills.. Du kan starte forfra og jeg kan give dig en resource kode du kan bruge til at komme lige så langt som du var før. Add mig på Discord, så skal jeg nok fortælle dig hvordan .. Crede6049





@crede Har du nogen idé om hvornår den nye update kommer?

Den er ude her på Itch .. Men vi arbejder stadig på at få den ud på mobile :)


Poor potato man. I found a glitch(?) where when you get your friend's even if you don't have a friend house they still give you things.

Yeah, he's having a pretty tough job that poor potato guy!
Your friends will still work for you without the friend house, but you will have no idea what they are doing, or what they have to say, since they are just roaming about on your surface ;)

ha idk who potato man is yet

Vis dit sande jeg Simonkurt, hvis det rent faktisk er dit virkelige navn!

its fun but god damn the quiz is way too hard and expensive


there ya go ma dood

yes i realize u probably already solved it so hush
(1 edit)

thanks, saved me with last one

If you knoow how to use the ghost intergalactc trade center its pretty cheap


this is so much fun and charming! would be amazing if you could port it to android tho

Yesss, please!


It is already out on Android! :D

YAASSS thanks!


Will this come on android?


Possibly. I really want it to, but I need somebody to help me make a wrapper for Android

Check out PhoneGap/Cordova/Capacitor 

Thanks! Will do :)

(2 edits) (+1)

The music is absolutely INCREDIBLE! Did you make it yourself?


I know! 
Actually it's a track we bought, and then edited a bit, to make it fit the atmosphere of the game :)
It's amazing that I'm not getting tired of listening to it after having played the game so much

It sounds a lot like the music from FTL

Awesome! That was actually just what we went for :)

Hey, I got to the #8 question, i guess i tried all the answers but none of them seems to be right, any suggestions?

Really? Have you tried with your chirpy friend? :)

Well yes, but actually no

Hey!! If anybody completed any of the Endless Dungeons, please let me know :D

(1 edit)

I some how trigered a bug that gave Derek 15'999 in HP  and made him super strong (I just lose a few HP even when fighting over 200 jerks). Thanks to that, I just completed the first endless dungeon.


Haha! Well done!
It's a bug, but also not a bug ;) It's fixed now.. But your Derek has gone nuclear now. You can upgrade him to make him normal again.. Or you can beat EVERYTHING!

I just completed the second Endless Dungeon! 

Just completed the first Endless Dungeon! :)

Whew, just completed the Coco Endless Dungeon as well (10:30 pm PST, 5/28/2019). I've sunk so many hours into this game over the past two days haha. Derek's stats as of this completion for anyone curious: HP - 2000, STR - 2680, carrying 17 potions (used all but 4 in this run), 20x bull farts (lmaooo), 3x full heals, 5x thirsties, 2x doors.

-_- Just got to level 98 of the Monster Endless Dungeon and Derek died. First time ever, and it's because I risked him facing 1052(ish?) jerks at ~850 HP. fmmlllllll

Woooo, beat the Monster Endless Dungeon!! Bumped Derek's HP to 3000, STR 6000, and boosted his farts to like 50, potion strength to 700 and full heals to 11, though I didn't use the full heals more than once this last run and only used a few potions. 

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First off, Great game! Ive played it a ton, and i love the music and characters. The little gifs are so cute!

Second, oh my god i have no idea what the answer to the first question is i've already wasted so many resources on ghosts help

Really good tho


Haha thanks! I love your name :D

Alright, I'll give you a hint: Think of it as a dungeon door that's being knocked on 

BTW these graphics are FANTASTIC

Thaanks! :D

Great game!!!!! 

Thanks Daniel! :)

Um what did you make this in? 

(engine /  language)


I made it in plain Javascript with html elements, and gifs for graphics. It's a bit primitive, but's it's been the most fun game project I ever worked on :)

I've been thinking about doing this exact thing to brush up on javascript(new to the language but not programming)! Do you have any resources you recommend or that you used?

Actually javascript is the only language I've learned, and I learned it through Codecademy some years back.
The good thing about working in javascript is that it is so widely used, that every question has been asked on the internet already.. I didn't use any resources really, just started putting some simple html and javascript together one night :) 
But I'd love to answer any questions you might have

Man, that's awesome! And yeah I guess anything you'd want to know is really just a search away.  

I loved your dungeon system, it felt rewarding to go do something else and let materials accrue only to get to come back and get to pump Derek up each time. I'm eagerly awaiting the updates. 

Thanks for the inspiration honestly.

Thanks a bunch man :) 
I'm really happy you liked the game. Get in touch with me anytime if you need help with ideas/art/code/anything!

This game is really cool THANKS


Being able to win healing potions or skill refreshes in the dungeon might make it a little more varied.

Great idea! Like finding doors that would give one of those things at random :)

Yep. Also having the game save its state would be good. I accidentally reloaded the page and when I came back I had lost hours and hours of grinding so gave up :/


Ah really? That's not good.. I'll have to look into that. It should save your state

Sweatson seems bugged as I am getting no gold from him but am from John.

I'll have a look at it Thanks for noticing :)

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