ATTENTION: People report that they lose their progress when playing the game here. This is due to an issue with the way handles the state in the game. If you want to avoid this, play the game from here:

** Now a complete game with 3 chapters and a proper ending! **

UPDATED! (23/3 2021)

  • Derek is wearing clothes! He's also wearing other things.
  • New battle music by Frederik Boye!
  • Time Terrarium has gotten a club and a closet.
  • Backgrounds!
  • Bug fixes.

In Planet Life you are born again as a planet. Being a planet in space can be very lonely, but fortunately there is life out there.

Search the corners of the universe, for new friends, who will help you on your quest to become a happy little place to live. Manage your resources, and upgrade tools to advance.
Fight your way down a deep deep dungeon leading to the core of yourself and gain the respect of a mysterious space god who might just help you explore the vast universe.

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is this game discontinued?

edit: nvm 

i lost my progress :( i was in chapter 2 

What where you playing planet life on coolmathgames, phone which one

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Hey does anyone have any idea on what derek's best Hat, Hand and Pants are it would help me beat the endless dungon. Also stats would be great too.Thanks

i did it i beat the last derek in dereklius x

Is there an achievement for defeating Jack without the coco infused stardust?



FINALLY someone said it!

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I Worked so hard to get it ( 1 Chapter ) 

you know what would be cool? If you got to design the new planet after the reset. 


I apologize for breaking your game


Typical :D



How the hell did I just play this game for literally 2 hours straight. 


hey I figured out a glitch if you don't have internet there is Whits Background :D



i am wondering how you do your save and load system and if you are willing to share it with me.

I am using localStorage.. But I had a colleague help me set it up, so I'm unsure how it works exactly

Thanks, I’ll look into it.

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you know that there is a way to get infinite worm cubes if you talk to sweatson in beanies imagination and go to world 2 then talk to remouladin and go to world 3 it will give you a worm cube each time

guys go to the settings and click on impatient mode then go to the fish andclick on it for gold it makes it to where you dont have to wait and you can get a lot of gold fast!


where da fish?

you have to go the broccoli planet once you get i

ik this owner should nerf Impatient mode


this game bring me entertainment at febuary 2020 thank you


it's actually quite a cute little game, especially burger

nevermind i fixed it

help? pls?

ok he still wont give me the glasses!

Any tips on how to get better jerks really fast?

(2 edits) (+2)

does anybody know how to interact with ancient derek

edit:i finally found him but i missed the dialogue

edit:i found the dialogue in the game files


here is the link for the songs:)

The animation for "Just So You Know" almost made me cry at the end

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If you do like them then try searching "Herobrine's Revenge Full Series"

It has AWESOME songs. Personally, "We Are The Danger" and "Goodbye" are both the best.

Anyone here like minecraft songs?

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I found a glitch

I don't know if it was just luck or what but when i went to the space shop and got Derek one potion it gave me two instead of one. Like i said, i don't know if i did something specific or what but i'll take 2 for 1 any day (depending on what it is xD)

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sorry for commenting so much, but i beat 2/3 of the derekulians, this is my biggest achievement so far :) Edit: btw HAS ANYBODY ACTUALLY BEAT DEREKULUS X YET??? and my legendary angry fat kid jerk does 80k damage when you bake 1100 muffins. Here is a key to take down the 99999 hp jack: 1st, spawn with a legendary cheating jerk, a legendary angry fat kid jerk,  a legendary giant muffin baker, then 2 legendary jerkromancer. Beware, this doesn't work all the time. 1st, u have to use the muffin baker, which leaves u with 1 action. Use the legendary cheaing jerk to get 6 actions back, which leaves u with 7. Then, use both legendary jerkromancers, and if your deck has another legendary giant muffin baker, 3-4 legendary jerk managers, 1-2 legendary jerk coaches, and maybe a legendary muffin man, jackis done for sure. I don't know how much darn damage that will do, but for sure it will beat the living daylights out of jack. I estimate it to be around 500k-1m damage, and Jack only has 100000 hp (hehe) But, you have to end it on the 1st move, or you will inevitably die. Also, there is a tiny chance you will survive the 1st attack if you got max core...

Edit: music intensifies... DEREK OF DOOM FINAL BOSS APPROACHING: 13000 hp

Just get the coca infused stardust and have him eat it all and he will explode and remouladin will wormhole him far away and after that do the party and go to jack when it gives you the option unless you don't want to prestige (he will give you 3 ) and he will finish exploding and create the original planet 

what a big day i beat 1/3 of the derekulians in derekulus x (NOT EASY)

I already defeat 21/21 dereklukians (and sorry for not spelling right)

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Hi guys, so for the sunglasses to get rid of jack, Remoudlain won't give me anything! I gave him everything but he won't give me the sunglasses!:( Please i need help!

(BTW this is on not

This is what happens when i go to Jack (it is not giving me the glasses still)

It is always the same!:(

Deleted 176 days ago
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dont play on cool math games. Theres quite a lot of bugs there, try this website: If it still doesn't work, I supposed you can get a full team of legendary jerks and beat derekulus x (spoilers: its very hard) Edit: just use space radio and improv jazz

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

Now what do i do? How am i going to get all my progress back?

I guess i will have to start over:( But at least i can do more of it:)

Thank you ahyesthepogs

Help plz

How would I get +8 gold per second if I didn't have any friends???

Playing at on a computer

Ah, thats a bug. try to ask crede cuz I have never encountered a bug and know how to deal with it. Meanwhile, just be glad that you have free gold.

i found infinite ghost glitch in base planet (more like common sense)

btw pls dont remove the worm cubes glitch its good

how do i do it?

(2 edits)

its the galactic ghost exchange, get around 100K ghosts per hour if your average, and also I got a legendary time jerk from the fantastic jerk can omg omg omg

Edit: wow legendary jerks are actually obtainable (got legendary coach jerk and now i have 2 and I got it from fantastic can btw)

Edit #2: actually, you only get 10k ghosts for the 1st hour. Then, the 2nd hour idk yet bout to find out.

then if u play for 24 hours you'll have at least 20 quadrillion ghosts

welp, i broke the stardust limit already :/

yay new update

(1 edit)

I found this glitch where i try to ascend and it when i do it gives me 3 worm cubes but it sends me back to burgulon and then i tried to ascend again and i got an additional 3 worm cubes then got sent back to burgulon again (Edit: i turned off inpatient mode then tried it again and i reset but i still have the extra worm cubes)

wait how to meet ancient derek

anything new in derek hall of fame

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