In Planet Life you are born again as a planet. Being a planet in space can be very lonely, but fortunately there is life out there.

Search the corners of the universe, for new friends, who will help you on your quest to become a happy little place to live. Manage your resources, and upgrade tools to advance.
Fight your way down a deep deep dungeon leading to the core of yourself, and gain the respect of mysterious space gods.

Published 20 days ago
Tags2D, idle, incremental, Pixel Art, quirky, Singleplayer, Space, Story Rich

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"Say goodbye to Burger" :´|


planet- 11:42

i personally love games that take time to grind!

Very entertaining! Loved the graphics and the simple interactions.

i haven't played too much of this game yet, but i love it. i'm kinda scared that it'll become "The Giving Tree" though.


really addicting, i "completed" the game in one sitting. its a fun little game, rlly cute. i love burger.  good luck on building broccolli planet dude


This was just a bunch of buttons placed net to each other... but is was a great bunch of buttons next to each other... ver nice simplistic gameplay


Absolutely amazing! With just buttons, text and some animations a whole universe is created with characters, locations, stories. I hope to see more content!


This was AMAZING can you make a computer verison?

Thanks! :D
Do you mean a desktop application? You can already play it in the browser here.. Or on my website christianlaumark/planet. The game is just a html page with some Javascript :P

how do you actualy get stardust

The Slotmachine :) And fighting in the dungeon

made a 2 part video on it here's part 1

This is amazing TUD! It was really fun seeing you play the game. Can't wait for part 2 :)


Here's part 2, it was a fun game to play and I loved the story. 


This is the best idle game I have ever played, it has lots of cute characters, it's funny, and the music is awesome. Out of curiosity,  how did you store the amount of materials that you had in between sessions?

Thanks a bunch Riley! That really means a lot :)
Actually that's the one part of the game that I didn't do myself. I had a colleague help me wrap the game for an iOS app, and he also helped me with the save state. From the looks of the code I'm pretty sure he used localStorage.

cute little game! 

Great Game! I just had 2 questions,

1. Does the dungeon eventually end or can you just go until you physically can't go any further (because of a lack of upgrades).

2. What formula do you use to work out how much health is lost when Derek goes into the dungeon? (example: Jerks*5-strength=lost health)

Hey Diggy!

Thanks for playing. Glad you liked it :)
1. The dungeon never ends. It will just be too hard eventually.. If I get more time to develop the game, I want to add more choices to the dungeon system. But I think it works out as a tiny dungeon crawling feature.

2. For every jerk on the level it checks a random number between 0 and Dereks strength, against the number of jerks on that level. If that number is smaller than the amount of jerks, then Derek loses between 1 and 5 health. 

Hope that answers your questions :) 

Thanks :) I would love to see this become a fully fledged game with alot more encounters and possibly a rebirth system (So once you complete a planet you get to move on to another planet in space and depending on your actions on your previous planets depends on what happens on the new one, like if you decided idk that you would blow up another planet on your first play through then lets say randomly on a play through after that you might find the remains of the planet or something) anyway just keep doing what your doing because it's working :)

That's a cool idea. I really hope I get to work more on the game! If so I might consider a rebirth system. Thanks for the feedback :)


well. That was quite the enjoyable little experience! I loved the idle animations of the sprites, the pacing was well done, and the overall silliness really lended itself to a fun little game. well done! The only issue I ever really had is the buttons sometimes not responding very quickly. that's it though.


Wow! That was beautiful. I want more!


Excellent game! Love the animations :P