It smells like broccoli in here

Ok, the title is totally misleading. I'm sorry!

But it will smell like broccoli, I promise.

Right now it just smells a little bit stale of Derek's old gym clothes. 
The last couple of months I tried to build a habit of working a little bit on the game a couple of times a week. And now there are actual results of my work. Derek has finally gotten a school! Oh, that was not what you were all waiting for? Ok, the cool thing about this is that I have built a dungeon system that is (hopefully) a bit more fun than the previous. It features doors.. And you know what that means: Waaay more meaningful choices for you players. 
So the whole reason why Derek needs a school (besides from him being generally uneducated), is so he can learn skills. So now you get to spend your precious resources on cool (and smelly) new tricks he can use in the dungeon.

Burger is chirping annoyingly. Why have I been working on stupid dungeons when I should be making more content for the game? 
Yes, that doesn't seem right. But it has a perfectly good technical explanation. 
When I released Planet Life, I had to rush to finish it.. Which means a lot of the game is very much hard coded. And creating new content was slow and tedious. But now I have actually build a pretty good foundation for adding more dungeons and more things to upgrade.
So now I can finally get to work on building the Broccoli empire!

Today I'm actually working on tweaking the first chapter of the game, and trying to make it work with the new dungeon system. 
Should a spend a little time getting the updated version out, or just go straight to boiling broccoli?

Also thanks so much for all your comments on the game! I wouldn't have been able to pull myself together to build an update if it hasn't been for all of you <3

And one last excuse. The reason why this is going so slow is that I'm doing this in my free time next to a full time job. Ok, bye! Have a great weekend!


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I wouldn’t worry about rushing the small update, enjoy working on the broccoli now that you have a good framework in place!

The first chapter felt complete, so I'd say Broccoli empire.

If you do not feel satisfied with the game's current framework , perhaps you will not be as motivated to build new content.   But I hope fixing it does not take long ;).