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strange characters but really awesome game

hey Crede the game is really amazing! But i think i ran into a bug or broke the game. I cant progress with Jack and my coco core is gone :') 

Oh.. That's probably a bug. Send the savegame to my email and I'll fix it right up for you :)

LOL a the storyline so hypocritical 


can you keep the old music or both?

such as when the new music finishes the old one plays

Hey Crede!

Really love your game. Watched CaptainSauce play the first Chapter and I couldnt resist checking this out. 

I problem im experienceing is that Derek isnt showing up anywhere after I defeated him and took the Coco stardust. I may have missed something, but I cant go back, and I need to know!!! Please help.

Again, thanks for this amazing game.

Thanks! R.D :) Really glad you like it!
Derek should be in the Jerk Club after you have defeated him. Can you find him there?

nvm, i found out what happened. you go to jack and no matter what u win with the fight because of the coco stardust. though, should derek have been in the jerk club after giving the coco star?

Ah no. That worked as it should :)

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I can't buy the wood synthesizer (chapter 3) even though I have more than enough gold, can someone tell me what the price for it is? 

Edit: darkempathy already asked this so I'm sorry if I missed a reply.

Export your save and play it here: I think there could still be some issues on that site you are playing on

OK, thank you.

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I used google. The dog says:1. Is in English 2. It's so hot. Can't you get me a cloth? 2. I once ate a whole shell. It tasted of pancakes. 3.Hey skipper! Why don't you fetch me a cold beer? We could also share an Ice Cream now that you're in the process. 4. Shit in your pocket is better than cheese with grain. You are sure those were wise words. 5.  Arh, I'm looking forward to coming to town tonight. You have an urge to ask him why, but you don't want to start an argument. 6. Is in English. 7. Is in English (He tries to fetch but fails). 

This is Translated using a thought process and some weird Danish. Number three was quite confusing...

Number 3 is more like "Hey Skipper! Won't you fetch me a cold beer?"

Got it! Thanks

it would be nice if we could get a sfx/music volume slider instead of just an on/off button.


Hi. For some reason, the game (not on itchio, but on the  official site thing) won't let me upgrade the core beyond 2950. The button thing just isn't there. It's gone. This also happens with the wood and cocoa generator (before it can get to 100, the upgrade button disappears). Normally, I would assume it's the maximum, but since Jack (the sun) can do at least 3,000 damage, I pretty sure it's not.

actually, that is the max on all of those.

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i dont know what to do next

Have you talked to Remouladin?

im on the burgrgendion thing burger planet

beat he game

it would be a nice touch if we got some kind of reward when we finished a turn with action points left over, like for every action left over when you end your turn, you can either deal 50-200 damage or bake 50-200 muffins

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Am I missing the materials for Brets "own" idea? Because i now have had over 10k of everything except space rings, stardust, and lollipops, which i still have gotten a lot of. Mom come pick me up I'm scared.


Oh no. You got the bug as well :/ There is something wrong with people that has a savegame from the previous version of the game. Did you play it when it was just chapter 1 & 2?
To fix it you can restart the game, and use the cheat (pinned in the Planet Life discord channel) to get to the Burgulon chapter and start from there.
Really sorry for trouble


Vuelle! I got a fix for it. Could you get in touch with me on Discord, so I can help you out?



Welp, its finally over. You managed to create an idle game that never runs out of fun. Nice job.

I hope DanTDM plays this

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More Games Please!

Could you also make a star life, sorta like planet life but your a star



Legendary jerks would rock, indeed since I've been walking around with over 100 jerks, reducing my team is going to be hard, so it'd be nice to have some uba replacements. 

In particular, I notice that the derek's appitite for stardust sometimes goes down and sometimes not when you feed them more muffins, but tends to increase during the fight. It'd be cool if say there was an ability that made the increase in derek appitite smaller.

You could also consider some upgrades for jerk squad size limit too, if it's now going to be limited.

I'm still at the moment grinding up resources for jerk upgrades, and am only on 6 out of the final 21 derekunians, and that's quite aside from all the super high stats on the derek summoner to work towards.


Beat the 1 Million health Jerk, no different rewards :/

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Ah that makes sense as regards jerk size limit, though it will make the strategy interesting, and imho it'd be awesome if more epic jerks like jerkinson cruso were in the game, perhaps at a ridiculously high cost of space rings or even requiring lollypops to buy, particularly because looking at the stats of the summonable dereks, you will need truly bonkers amounts of resources for upgrades, so more to work for will be good I think, also of course, if you can only have a max of 50 jerks on your squad, the amount of spacerings you will need will be limited anyway.

I definitely understand working on one project solo takes a lot of time besides a job, but congrats on producing such a polished game, I particularly admire the thought that has gone into  designing the battle system in this one, since it's really rare to find such an easy to understand system, heck even healing yourself after battle is far more interesting than in most rpgs. 

Well back to smacking dereks I go :D.


Thanks Dark! :)

Now I am actually considering making legendary jerks that will be really hard to get.

And yeah I had a lot of fun make the bean healing system :)

I have a minor problem, probably has nothing too do with the game, when I downloaded it and tried to open it it did not work, probably my device, I use mac

It should work on mac. Did you open the index.html file?

IT works now!

Thanks I probably used the wrong file

Okay just reporting a miner bug. 

Beware! Spoilage ahoy! 

Now that I have finished the game and seen the ending, though didn't take the option of finding out what has happened to jack, I cannot buy anymore jerks, I've clicked on the jerk cans, I have over 6000 space rings, and nothing is happening, yet if the Derek's stats go as nuts in the later battles as I expect they will I will probably need more jerks as well as upgrading power. 

Am I missing something? or is this a bug, since there is no explanation, and if it is intended to stop players buying more jerks, then why does the final dungeon turn up whe it does? 

I hope that I am missing something and that this isn't broken, especially because I rather enjoy seeing what new jerks turn up, and now that makes space rings yet another useless resource.b

Hey Dark.

So the reason why you can't buy anymore jerks is that you have more than 50 which is the new limit for the squad.
So you just need to remove some jerks from your squad to be able to buy more :)
A message is meant to be displayed in the description text of the jerk club if you hit the 50 cap, but it might not be working correctly yet

Okay I have now mostly finished chapter 3, or at least there is only the final dungeon to go, though that is probably going to take a while to buff up with all of the correct upgrades. 

As I said in the last comment, this has been fantastic, I love the battle system, which even makes repeated fights interesting, and the ending was great, bringing in characters from the hole saga and wrapping things up. 

Since I'm going to discuss a few mechanics now in detail spoilers ahoy: 

Firstly, as I said, previously I do think there might be a miner mistake on the wood synthesizer price display, not that it's a problem since you can just click the upgrade button and see if it works.

I do wish there were a few more advanced jerks after the fantastic jerk can stage, since I reached that stage comparatively earlier on and whilst I can always buy more jerks for the pile, (I'm currently at over 110), new powers to play with are always fun.

One thing I didn't quite get, was the bit about dismissing certain jerks, since it seemed to cost stardust to get rid of them, unless the idea is that you need to just cope with the choices you have made, then again since the total number of jerks you have isn't a factor and limiting the size of your jerk pile would drastically change strategy this isn't too much of an issue.

One problem I did have however in the later game, is that just as stardust became almost useless towards the end of chapter 2, since all of Derek's upgrades just took gold wood and coco, in the same way, both gold and stardust, very much needed earlier became useless later, indeed even though I've stopped using the space bar,I have so much gold it's not funny. 

It'd be nice if either gold and stardust could be converted to other resources, or if there was something to buy with them beyond  the odd bean, using the derek summoning device or gnome sneak attempts, ditto with lollypops, indeed I love the way that so many actions give you lollypops and they're needed to gain more power. 

I'm afraid one rather odd part of the game I found was the gnome sneaking, and indeed there I'm not sure what is where. 

my reccord so far is floor 109 (I was a little confused things didn't stop at floor 99), and I don't know if I've found everything there is to find down there or not. Indeed, it might be nice to have a few more things to buy to help with the sneaking, for example, single use items to effect a diversion and give you a free sneak, or an ability similar to the door of regret that would reroll the door types for you. 

I was also a little surprised that more sneaky gnomes weren't available for even higher stardust costs as well. 

all in all though, the game has been great fun, I'll definitely be defeating the final battles and seeing what reward you get before taking the last step (which I'm fairly sure will restart the game). 

Thank a lot however for all the work you put in, the weird universe, including crazy sound effects, and all the great systems and battles. 

Whether planet life gets further upgrades or a sequel, or whether you work on something else in the future, I hope things go well.b

Hello again Dark. Thanks for the feedback! 
First of all, I'm the only one making this game, so if some part of the gameplay isn't deeper, or the end game is lacking a bit, it's because I simply haven't had the time to prioritize it.
I'm doing this project as a side thing to my full time job, so I can't put in everything if I also want to release it ;)

About dismissing jerks. To get your squad better, you will need to dismiss some of your beginner jerks so you will draw the better jerks more often. That's why there's a price on it.

About the stardust becoming useless.. You can go to Space Ben (that you got from the Celestial Summoning Device) and trade stardust for either wood, gold or coco. You can even buy rings from him.

I like the idea with consumables in the sneak dungeons. I might put that in at some point. Also I really wanted to have epic jerks that you could get by paying a lot of space rings. But I simply didn't have time to make it.

Thanks again for all your feedback and thoughts! 
It's been amazing to make this game, when there's people like you out there :)

Alright, I'm now well into the third chapter and yee gods it's bloody awesome!

There is so much stuff to do and so many different goals to try out for. Also, I love how balanced resources are, although I've not found a good way to get stardust as yet other than finding it in the sneaky dungeons, but hay I have more things to do, actually the fact that there is an awesome battle system here as well as so much else is going to please a lot of people I think.

Two points, firstly I'm not sure if the wood synthecizer prices are displaying correctly, since for a while I thought I couldn't upgrade it, also I notice that when sneaking gnomes down the dungeon, even when the rate of detection is showing at zero percent, presumably because your gnome's sneakiness is higher than the dungeon , the detection rate still rises.

Secondly, I unlocked the way back to the broccoli empire which is great, 

however I do wish that had more of an effect on burger's gameplay once I unlocked it, EG a way to send some resources from the planet to help burger out or the like, but as far as I could gather, the planet had no new options. 

it'd be nice if say you could use your resources as a planet to construct a transmitter to send Burger help occasionally, so that your past progress could actually affect your present, as well as give players something  do whilst they buy Derik upgrades :D.

Still, we'll see, I'm quite looking forward to the ending, though judging at how strong the enemies can get and how much upgrading the jerks take, chapter 3  likely to take longer than chapters 1 and 2 combined, even counting finishing the final dungeon :D.

Okay well it's done, the final dungeon of doom conquered for the second time. 

I admit that this time around I did sort of cheat a bit, or rather because I was aware of the stats necessary to finish the final dungeon I knew what I was going for, so I just bought lots of upgrades for sven and the penguin and let things run until I could get enough upgrades for Derek. This plan was also rather augmented by the fact that whilst I left my computer on all friday night resource gathering, I also ended up leaving it on all day yesterday since I wound up spending a lovely day with my lady rather than smacking Jerk's around :D.

so where before I finished the final dungeon with 6800 strength and 3600 health, and it became quite a struggle, this time around I had 7260 strength and 4200 health, as well as over 60 bull farts (had to use that gold for something), and it was far less of a struggle. Though I didn't make use of the farts until the number of Jerks exceeded my amount of health, actually I did have one nasty moment around floor 90 when I fought 3500 odd Jerks and finished with just 13 health, so resorted to gas power after that :D> 

Either way, all finished now and I can move on to Burger's story propper, which I'm quite looking forward to.b

the website still isn't working

never mind I needed to restart my game to get everything to work correctly, and yes I used the cheat on discord :)

Yep, I can confirm the jerk club is now turning up on the save when I talk to Bret, so glad that is now fixed

However, whilst I'm tempted to continue through chapter 3, I've just finished the first endless dungeon on the main planet life site and am just about to start in on the Broccoli empire. 

I'm actually rather pleased with the fact that I took the time to go through the first endless dungeon prior to moving on. 

So as I'm this far through my second playthrough, I might as well continue. It's nice to see everything again anyway, and will make chapter 3 nicer as a conclusion I think. 

I'll report back when I'm further along.


I finished all the endless dungeons back in October when I played the game originally, that's actually the save I have on 

I don't have discord and I'm not sure about discord with screen readers, but I don't mind playing through again as it's been a few months.

Spoilers ahoy for finishing endless dungeons! 

When I played through last year, the only reward for finishing all the endless dungeons was viewing of the leader board, sadly there wasn't really even a congratulations message or the like, much less anything like unlocking a cheat's section or some uba special production item or similar. I hope there is something more this time around, or is there some effect on chapter 3 if you finish all the endless dungeons? 

If  it's just the same viewing of the leader board, then I might just forget the endless dungeons this time.


Actually I think I might have just fixed the bug you encountered on itch. Try to see if you can buy the jerk club now when you talk to Bret.

About the endless dungeon, I think you got a bug. You are supposed to get a big congratulations message and also something you need to do. Could you send me an email on I'll show you what you missed :)


Okay I have started on the website. I will say I am quite sorry there is no reward or even just a congrats message for finishing all the endless dungeons, especially now that it seems chapter 3 goes elsewhere so players won't get as much chance to try them. 

Btw someone on the forum was asking whether the downloadable html version of planet life also has the broken progress issue? I would assume not given that it sounds like that is related to the version on specifically, but I'm not sure. 

Also, people are wondering when the Ios/Android versions will get the update too. 

Thanks again for the game, replaying through the first chapter just reminds me how much fun it is, and it's always nice to see old friends again.

Hi Darkempathy.
There is a big reward for completing all the endless dungeons, even though it's quite a long trip. How far did you get?

Actually I'm starting to think it has something to do with the previous version of the game that doesn't merge with the new so well. I tried to post a fix here on itch, but I'm not sure if it works yet. It's quite difficult for me to test.
You can tell them that as far as I know there shouldn't be any issues with the downloadable version here from itch. Especially if you are starting over from scratch.

Also there is a cheat to get to chapter 3 if you are tired of going through the same content again. It's pinned on the Discord server :)

iOS and Android will definitely get an update too.. I'm working on some fixes for the game, and some minor improvements, before the mobile release. But hopefully it won't be long.

And thank you! I'm really happy that you like the game, and I can't wait to hear what you think of the last chapter :) Hope you won't run into any issues

Okay I'll try on the other url. 

It means restarting the game, but I was actually thinking of doing that anyway. 

Just as a quick question, are there some rewards for completing the endless dungeons now? 

if it is just the same as before, I will go straight on after finishing the  broccali empire, if however there is something new for finishing the dungeons, I'll do them again on the new save.

Ok, sorry for the inconvenience!
And no everything in the first parts of the game is left as they were, so nothing new there :)

I'm kinda confused by the new update, I have 200 lollipops and like 700 stardust but nothing seems to be happening. All of the npcs don't seem to do anything new and i'm not sure how to unlock anything new, any hints? The only thing I can think of is like trying to meet all of the derekulians in the dungeon or to get an absurd amount of lollipops. I am on the website btw.

The itch version is broken. I'm sorry! :( Play it on

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I am playing it on that though, maybe it is broke on both?

Okay this is odd and I don't know if something in the game is not working, perhaps because I am continuing my save from before.

Beware! possible spoilers ahoy! 

The bar with the drunks where I could previously generate gold on Burger's planet is not showing up. 

Bret mentions the idea of starting a club for Jerk friends, there is a "what's up" link which asks me if I want to fund his new idea, but no way of accepting the proposition. 

This means that both gold and wood can only be gotten from dungeons, and entering dungeons means using stardust, so the core bean shop is not particularly economical, and coco is virtually useless. 

I have tried emptying and refilling my core twice, highering all the gnomes (even the one that took 300 stardust, though he only got to floor 26), and checking other options. 

I've got over 100 lollypops but the options for the club, or indeed anything else just aren't appearing. Indeed I wonder if the club options should've shown up just after I got the "whatsup" talk option for Bret and the space radio, which doesn't do anything at the moment.

I also notice that bret's coco collection numbers are a bit confusing, since the text says he's gathering 9 stardust a second, but the upgrade stated he was getting 16 stardust (the next will be 17, though that takes over 2000 wood which means lots of waiting around for stardust for dungeon attempts).

Again if I am missing something, or need to collect more lollypops or the like, fair enough, but previously I always remember if you looked around the game, there would always be some goal to go for to show you how to progress, and right now I'm not really seeing that. 

I'll try and go on getting crowbar upgrades, though I have a nasty feeling those just increase in price infinitely and so probably won't help with the unlocking. 

Any advice appreciated, oh, and if I have to just restart the game that's fair enough too, indeed I considered doing that anyway.

Hey. Yeah the itch version is acting up.. I'll try to upload a new version later.
But you should play the game here:
Because the Itch version has been known to randomly wipe your savegame from time to time :/

This is awesome! 

I was going to do something else today, well I suppose that is not happening :D. 

thanks for all the great work on the game. 

Btw, planet life now has an entry on our accessible games database as well:

though methinks I'll need to update it. 

well see you at the end.

Yeah I saw that entry. It's amazing :D
Remember to play the game here: since the itch version can be broken.

Enjoy the game!

I lost my save, well I guess that's okay since I hit a roadblock anyway. See you when I see you my favorite planet friend. I hoped to free derek too but I guess not.

What happened to Derek? :O 
Also play it here:
Then you won't lose your save :) Let me know if you need a shortcut to get to the second chapter

I will, I got to the second chapter and was working on getting to the bottom of the belly of the beast so that derek could be a man

nothing feels better than getting your health/strength into 10

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it would be really cool if the drawing board on Derek´s classroom training actually meant something you can use in the game, like how many jerks it takes to hurt Derek by one health with the current strength, but that would have to take a lot of math, and a lot of different combinations. 


Pretty good idea ;) I will keep that in mind

I also made a scale of what doors i think you should pick, assuming you're trying to beat the dungeon. It was made from my own experience. I call it: THE DEREK DOOR CHOICE SCALE (DDCS for short):

1. Shortcut door

2. Boring door

3. Wood door

4. Coco door

5. Gold door

6. Mystery door

7. Small present door

8. Medium present door

9. Large present door

10. Stardust door


I think that the wood, coco, and gold depends on your own stats and sometimes I choose stardust over large present but it mostly depends on your stats

the stardust door is the worst door to choose from when you're trying to beat a dungeon in my opinion because it has the largest jerk count than any of the other ones. although you might get lucky and have quite few, that might tilt over to the normal size of a large present door. Stats don't change efficiency. But I could be missing a major point that you are noticing.

(6 edits) (+1)

what's derek's max stats?

edit: Max stats that i have gotten:

  1. stats:
    1. Health: 19950
    2. Strength: 15960
    3. Potion bag: 399
      1.  Potion heal: 1030
  2. Skills:
    1. Door of regret: 98
    2. Thirsty: 98
    3. Bull fart: 98
    4. Full heal: 98

You should go ask on the Discord :) I remember some people talking about it there


I have a theory as to what is happening with the lost save data:

So I did some testing and it seems like save data is correctly saved and accessed while the browser is open, but as soon as the browser is closed (or no longer running in background like when powered off or restarted) the save data is no longer accessed correctly and prompts you to start a new game. I found out that after closing the browser, the cookies are still there but opening the game again prompts you to start a new game. Maybe the first time the game is run on the browser it is trying to tell you to start a new game? I don't know much about programming on but this is my only explanation I can think of. Like the cookies are still there it just isn't accessing the saved game.

well i faced that problem and i had lots of progress.

We found out what the issue was. It's the way itch is handling the file.. It changes the path sometimes, which makes the state disappear for you. I posted a link in the description of our own hosted version of the game. Your state should be safe when you play there :)

Can I export my save there?

unfortunately not :/

will you let us know when the update is  almost finished?

Of course! I will write a post :) Also stay tuned on the Discord

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