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just because I'm saying I can't buy the super version on my switch does mean I'm poor, right?

is the broccoli kingdom evil

i like burger

where can i find music/sfx used in this game?

Really great game, love the simple artwork and menu's!!

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I'm in chapter 2 of my second run (Coolmath). I've completed the quiz and after that I bought the godly number to summon Remouladin. Now he is not giving me the option to go to Burgulon. I tried all these but they don't work:

Sweatson skip (it worked before)

Buying the stupid looking planet number

Completing all the planet dungeons and coco dungeons

I also don't want to use inspect element cheats. Was I supposed to buy Remouladin before the quiz?

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Is this broken?

awww cute gameeee

cant beleive i lost burger




pls tell me that we get sweatson a cold bath/wet cloth/ice cream

how do you give the potion belt more space

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you've probably already learned by now but it's in derek's school


inside you there are two dereks. they are fighting eachother in attempt to assert domanince, and neither is winning.

im obsessed with this game it entered my brain again like a week ago after forever of not playing and i just. absorbing all of it like its my first time playing again .

best game 10/10

I tried to fight bent but my game just got stuck. What do I do??

what does this mean

how do thrower jerks work?

Does the steam version have extra content or anything?

congrats on getting this game to switch

This game is hilarious


When Sweatson suddenly started speaking in danish i was shocked and thought the game looked at my location or something, but no, it appears the creator is just also danish. Great game 👍

3 hours in and I'm the burger planet

now I'm speedrunning the game

My progress just dissappeared


Mobile ad person: " MY DEREK HAS 750 STRENGTH! CAN YOU BEAT HIM?!?!?"

unexpected nice ride

Maybe it's jsut me but the dungeons are jsut super boring in a way and I tend to actively avoid them.
cause you know, it is repetitive clicking between the 2 door choices, "fight" "loot" some other 2 clicks, etc.

rinse and repeat for like 99 times in the endless dungeon for example.

way too many clicks needed for my taste.

You know what this keeps resetting

yaey time to redo this game for the 7th time because of the game crashing

Id say i have some decent gear

Even 1100 jerks struggle to hurt him.

Import doesn't work ? Man ... I was confident my 10+ hours of gameplay would be kept... 

is the android version of this game still being updated?

what do you need to do to fight jack? It tells me "You go towards the sun. It's getting quite hot, and you can't see a thing with all that sunlight. If only you had some way of protecting your eyes from the sun". 

help ples


Fully upgrade the worm with lollipops and he'll evolve and give you the glasses you need to approach Jack.

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just farm the ghost bourse for 30 minute and u will have million of stars to buy chest

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i personaly goes for max armor. right now i have more than 1.2k armor. I can't get dammaged by less than 600 jerk, also got high hp and high hp regeneration.  

i may have done too much

so i accidentally sophlocked myself. i'm at the broccoli area thing with 0 ghosts, alr destroyed the workshop, space ben is out of ghosts, and i haven't gotten the ghost stock market.


Can you provide an Android APK directly to itch that doesn’t require Google Play Services? I specifically buy games from to avoid that.

Im stuck in a situation where Derek is dead and i have no stardust to revive him, what should i do. 


Build the slot machine. There is a chance you can win stardust from it :)

please make it so you can go into fullscreen

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