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omg noooooooo you got me addicted and now its 1:30 AM

I somehow get -1 jerk actions and die, but if that didn't happend I can kill he


i found a bug       so somehow when i use a jerk like a regular jerk  it will instead use a mean  jerk    idk if its just my computer

Very good game with good idias pls do more updates very soon

Absolutely Love this game! I love how everything looks hand drawn its very cute and funny! 10/10 Will planet again! XD

how do you get past the moon lords?

what dose muffens do

The attacking Derek will eat them instead of hitting your jerks. If you feed him enough muffins of course

Deleted 140 days ago

how  many muffins per 1 hp

It's 1 to 1

i baked 116 for a 50 hp derek and it still bullyed me

Deleted 146 days ago

You mean the save file?
I don't think that works here on itch, only on my own site:

accidentally deleted my post and it is still a file based sav

"You wonder who kevin is, but is utterly convinced that he actually rocks" in Broccula's description shouldn't have "is", but "are", instead, if i'm not mistaken.



Hmm, how do you exactly get stardust?

In the dungeon there are stardust rooms. They can be tough, but that's a good way to get stardust


Just found this game, great distraction at work. 

I think was the only player that played planet life in the raspberry pi or anybody else?

I would love to see a screenshot of that :)

uhhh crede i posted the proof 2 years ago did you forget lol?

I can't believe it's been 2 years since I first played Planet Life, I forgot about it during school, but I came across it again, and now I've finally made an account.

imma just wait for then next update ill check on the comments for time to time


its been officially  2 years since I joined planet life lol (this is my first favorite itch Io game)

Thanks man! And thanks for staying on :)

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Is that the thing that makes muffins for each jerk in your healthy pile?

I spent my 1 million rings and got no muffin jerk


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what does the legendary muffin jerk look like?

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If you wanna know how to beat it, it requires  jerk managers, muffin jerks, jerk bakers/giant,  jerk coach,  ESPECIALLY CHEATING JERK AND JERKOMANCER, AND YOUR MAIN ATTACK HAS TO BE LEGENDARY ANGRY FAT KID JERK, IF U CAN, USE LEGENDARY VERSIONS, ALL HAVE ONE.

It is a lot easier than that, bit probably a lot slower. (Angry fat kid jerk, tiny cheat jerk, giant coking jerk and 8 jerkomancers. You can use angry fat kid jerk lejendary instead of te no lejendary one, cheat jerk instead of the tiny one and I thing giant lejendary cooking jerk instead of the no lejendary one. )

 I kinda beat Jack without the coco stardust 

most OP thing ever


This game is very addicting, I can't stop playing it at least once a day.

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also how rare is it to get legendary jerks from cool and fantastic jerk cans. cause i got a legendary vengeful jerk from one of my first cool cans for my first planet life, and after i completed a game of planet life for the first time and went all the way to burger planet one of my first fantastic jerk cans got me a legendary mean jerk.

it says +7 coco / sec but i'm really making +6 coco / sec

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weird, how did we get here?


Crede  does a legendary muffin jerk exist?

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legendary jerk baker exists  

No i mean a legenday muffin jerk have you never seen a muffin jerk because if you never seen a muffin jerk then you are missing a lot of extra damage for your lengandary fat kid jerk


Crede do u like the legendary canniabal jerk?


I think he has a cool style


Overall Amazing Game!!10/10


I'm pretty sure empress cocobar did not eat her vegetables

Crede why can't I do the burgulon chapter shortcut anymore?

If you are on a new game + then the shortcuts don't work

New game?

When you have completed the game, and you continue on again

Am i missing anything?

That's my CSS skills showing it's true colors right there

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